Information is the driving force of the entertainment business. Keeping it up to date within your company is essential. inEntertainment’s Projects Module makes sharing information second nature.


  • Track any kind of project from conception to completion – Feature Films, Television, Theater, Commercials, Music Videos, Voice-overs, or Print Jobs.
  • Create submission letters and appointment slips within the Projects Module and link them to clients, casting directors or producers.
  • Easily create follow up calls for client submissions and appointments.
  • Create tracking and grid reports, printed in an easily readable format, with an automatically generated table of contents.
  • Import new or updated project data from a variety of Internet sources.
  • Create calendars for project tasks.
  • Link projects to calls.
  • Link documents to a record for easy access to items such as scripts, sides and reels.
  • The Projects Module has functions that address the needs of all entertainment professionals, from agents and managers to casting directors and producers.