How to reconcile in iE

Tina Colson

Step 1

In the Payments and Distributions go to the Register and Click Reconcile at the top left.

Step 2

The Statement Info box will open. Enter the Beginning Balance and Date as well as the Ending Balance and Date and click Continue.

*Note – Clicking the Previous button will display the previously entered reconciles for the account.

Step 3

Disbursements, (Outgoing Checks and Direct Deposits(1)) are listed on the left hand side and Deposits (2) you have made are on the right. If you select multiple items on either side at the bottom of the window iE will display the total amount of the items selected (3). In the bottom left corner of the window is “Difference in Statement” amount (4). This number will change as you clear your disbursements and deposits.

Step 4

To clear an item in iE, R-Click in the Clr column and choose “Mark as Cleared” from the pop-up menu. You should ONLY mark a Disbursement or deposit as cleared if it matches the bank statement.  If it does NOT match the bank statement then you need to investigate and correct the entry so it does. (Contact us for accounting corrections.)
Step 5
When all the items are cleared according to your Bank Statement, you will be at a $0.00 Difference in Statement at the bottom (1) and will be able to Print Reconcile Report (2) as well as Save this reconcile (3). You must SAVE when done so you are ready for the next months statement.