How to Enter Fees and Expenses

Tina Colson

This FAQ will guide you through adding Fees and Expenses to a booking for Accounting and Invoicing uses. *NOTE Not all users have access to the Fees and Expenses Tab.  Step 1 Once you have entered all the details for a booking click the Fees and Expenses Tab (1), then click the “Edit Expenses” button (2). Step If you have setup …

How to Restore Bookings

Tina Colson

Step 1 From any Booking click the List View button in the upper right corner. Step 2 Enter the client’s name. (1) Change the “State” pop-up to either Archived or Deleted. (2) Select the booking you want to restore form the results. (3) Click the “restore” button at the top of the window. (4)  

How to Clean Up Bookings

Tina Colson

Step 1 From any Booking, click the Search button at the top of the record. Step 2 The report should be Bookings. (1) Then Choose the Depart you want to look at bookings for. (2) Choose your user name you want to clean up the bookings for. (3) Select a date range for older records like last year or enter …

How to Change Basic Booking Information


Step 1 When a booking is already created and you need to edit either: The client Project Who it was booked by Who the booking is viewable by The department The create date Click on the pencil icon next to the Dept. Step 2 Click YES on the pop-up message that follows. Step 3 The window that allows you to change this information will …